Mushrooms are a fungi which is made up of 90% water and are virtually calorie free. They are high in Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, protein, magnesium, iron, potassium and many other important minerals. When storing, place in a paper bag and keep refrigerated to keep them at prime freshness. DO NOT STORE IN PLASTIC BAGS!

At Margin’s Mushrooms we grow two types of mushrooms.

  • White Mushrooms ( Agaricus Bisporus)
  • Swiss Browns (Agaricus Bitorquis)

White mushrooms are the most common of the two and can be eaten raw or cooked. They have a mild grainy texture when raw and become more fragrant and fleshy when cooked.

Swiss Browns are more of a gourmet mushroom. They have a meatier flesh and more flavor than the regular whites. They can be eaten raw or cooked. When Large and open they are called Portobello’s.

Sizing and Weight

When picking we grade our mushrooms into 3 categories. Small, Medium, Large, and on the occasion super large. This grading is under the Australian mushroom growers association (Amga) Guidelines. Each box is packed to 4kg and kept at 2 degrees to keep fresh for longest.


  Buttons are the youngest and usually the smallest. The cap of the mushroom is tightly closed around the stem. They have a mild flavor and are usually eaten raw in salads, pickled or marinated, used in casseroles or stir fries.


  This is the next stage in the growth of the mushroom where the veil starts to break away from the stem. The texture is smooth and the flavor and colour is more intense. Great to stuff, bake, saute, casseroles, soups, sauces etc


  Also know as Portabello. This is the last stage of the mushroom when they are left to grow out a little longer. They are rich, firm and strongest in flavor. Portabellos are great to bbq, bake, pizzas, risotto, mushroom sauce, stuffed and covered with a pastry topping for your very own mushroom pie.